Miown Stone Ponies
More pics of mares will be coming soon...check back often to check them out.
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Bertrands Miss Demeanor a 1995 AMHR # 65292A and PtHA frame overo mare. Demi is an own daughter of Oh Cisco, a black and white frame overo. Demi has produced me many beautiful overo show foals...I hope to get more beautiful overo foals out of her in the future.
CSF Jewel is a 33 1/2" 2003 AMHR # 238315A, PtHA sorrel overo mare that has many Country Star Farms Champions in her background. Jewel has been shown AMHR and PtHA and has earned many Championships in both. Jewels has produced me many nice foals...
Miown Precious Opal is a 34" 2000 AMHR # 206620A palomino with a pretty head. Her sire and dam are both 31 1/4 " Sire is a palomino pinto Double JJS Kamelot who was shown AMHR and PtHA very successfully. Opal has had very pretty babies for me and hopefully many more to come.
Gilliams' Ruby Jewel is a 31 1/4" 1996 AMHR # 75117A solid sorrel mare with a beautiful little head. She is the dam of Opal (above), and produces many fine show quality foals. Ruby has a wonderful personality and passes it on to her foals. This little mare will never leave my ranch.
Winners Circle Betty Rebekah Boop is a cute little 30" AMHA A28386  & AMHR 107531A bay pinto. She has had me  beautiful "Tiny" foals. Boop is 24 yrs old and pic was taken in May 2011. Such a sweet little mare. Miss Betty Boop is retired and living out her life as a pampered princess.
Miown Twinkle Star is a 32" AMHA A175620, AMHR 275590A and PtHA homozygous mare. She has produced me several beautiful homozygous fillys.
Miown Taxable Assets is a beautiful 35" AMHR 237604B silver bay frame overo. She has had me 2 awesome foals with color....we will see what she has this year. Taxi is a Boones Little Apache grandaughter.
Little America's Twinkle Bear is a 35" AMHR 246130B and PtHA bay frame overo. Twinkle Bear has had many nice foals including a nice little overo filly, and a beautiful red roan filly, and I'm looking forward to what else she will have for me.
NXS Streakers Wild Child is double reg AMHA A 118492 & AMHR 263316A she is a sorrel visual frame overo, bald face with 2 blue eyes and a belly spot and is 34" tall...she had a beautiful bald face show quality colt, and then a sorrel tovero filly and in 08 she had a beautiful refined overo colt. She continues to have beautiful babies.
Miown Stone Ponies
Sapphires Smokin Perfection is a 32" AMHA A172549 and AMHR 271431A buckskin overo mare out of the LTD overo mare above. Smokin has produced small overo foals.
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Allures UltimateTemptation is a 2007 AMHA/ AMHR
Grey Pinto RFM Boogermans daughter. She is a sweet girl and very easy to get along with...she is an Alpha mare in the heard though. She has not been bred as of 2014.. maybe 2015 she will be bred to one of my nice stallions. Check back as this will surely be an Ultimate foal...
Alamos Destinys Bay Snow, "Baby Doll" is a beautiful A & R bay pinto and an Alamos Locomotions Destiny daughter. She has had Beautiful pinto foals.
              Allures Boomers Pristine Aprina
Aprina is a beautiful little 2005 32 1/2" pinto mare that throws awesome refined foals, her sire is To Sir With Loves Boomer and her grand sires are Cross Countrys Call Me Sir and Richters Apache.
Make A Wish Bucks Dark Design is an AMHA beautiful black 2009 mare.
Allure's Ultimate Falon is a 2006 34" AMHA A 173294 and AMHR bay  sabino overo who has wonderful babies with long necks and beautiful color. Look for some of Falon's foals through out the pages...
She is a RFM Boogermans Ultimate Warrior daughter.
Bar B Supreme Sensation is a 2008 AMHA#  A184562 and AMHR# 288652A black and white little mare whos sire is Brewers Classic Supreme and is a grandaughter of Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy. This little girl has produced me a couple of tiny pinto fillys...
Miown Magic Mans Juliet is a little AMHA #A 198402 AMHR # 302933 is a Seahorse Gold Melody Magic Man daughter and has the most adorable face. She is a minimum pinto but will be checked to see if she is a homozygous pinto. She will be bred to a tiny pinto to see what she will produce, check back to see what she has.