Miown Stone Ponies
Located in  South Texas just 25 miles SE of San Antonio on a 600 acre working cattle and horse ranch. Our dogs are  not kennel dogs and have plenty of room to run and have the chance to work livestock. I have hand picked my dogs and most have Champion bloodlines and all are raised with the love and care they need to become happy healthy family members. Lots of friendly face lickin, tail waggin, happy pups here. If you are looking for your next Show, Agility, Obedience, Therapy, or Companion Dog...Take a look at my site...
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This page was last updated: January 18, 2020
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This page was last updated: January 18, 2020
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Marx's Lone Stetson is  my  blue merle stud He is NSDR & ASDR. as a Miniature Australian Shepherd.
Stetson has a wonderful personality and an awesome hair coat. He has the most beautuful blue eyes and he never meets a stranger.Hopefully I will have some time to show him and make him a Champion like  his sire "Pockets Little Texan" shown Below. FLASH *** Stetson went to his first show in March 2013 and won ToyWinner Dog and Best Opposite Sex***
Pockets Little Texan INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION red tri. Pockets sire is Schuldawn's Blake, an International Champion.
Stetson was a natural born bob tail and he has lots of herding in him..he loves to help gather the mini horses, even though I don't care for him to...he just can't help it.
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Marx's Lone Stetson
Stetson has had  litters with bob tails in it...hopefully there will be more in his next litters.

Stetson has had  litters with bob tails in it...hopefully there will be more in his next litters.
Check out these pups from past litters....Below
Happy X Stetson
     2012 girl
All of Stetsons pups stay very small and are just as cute as he is...Send in your deposit on a Beautiful Stetson pup...See Details Below.
All dogs are out of excellent stock and most have Champion parents,  all breeding stock is being tested for PRCD/PRA, HC and DM. No positive P/P dogs are being allowed into my breeding program.
If you take a look at my dogs you will see they are truly  Australian Shepherds in a Miniature size, most are Smaller minis or large Toys....they are raised for intelligence and then looks. We have shipped puppies around the United States, so if you live out of the state of Texas or Country, we do ship  for an additional fee. Take a look around and contact me if you have any questions about my dogs or pups...
 Miniature Australian Shepherds and Miniature American Shepherds
 Breed status of the Miniature Australian Shepherd has been a hotly  debated topic for decades.
In a historic decision, the American Kennel Club (AKC), United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA), and the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA (NAMASCUSA) have agreed to split the Australian Shepherd into two separate breeds, with those Aussies that are better served as the smaller version now known as the:    (Miniature American Shepherd).
FLASH *** Stetson went to his first show in March 2013 and won ToyWinner Dog and Best Opposite Sex***
Whoa....Stetson has earned his first level Championship....
ClickYellow link Above
Pups Below
Stetson has earned his 1st, 2nd and Elite Championship !!!!! at the TMAC show in November.
Miown Stone Ponies
I also have a miown Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies FB Page... please visit on FB to keep up with my puppies and up coming litters.
I also have a miown Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies FB Page... please visit on FB to keep up with my puppies and up coming litters.
email me
Miniature Aussie Info: ....size ranges from 13" to 18" tall, measured at the top of the shoulders, weighing between 15 and 35 lbs full grown. 
These dogs are in the "herding group" 
They come in a variety of colors, blue merle, red merle, black or red tri's or bi's. All come with or without copper/Tan and white trim. 
Their eyes may be blue, brown, hazel, amber or one blue, one brown, or have flecks or be marbled. 
Their tails are sometimes naturally bobbed and longer ones are docked.
The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a Loving dog Devoted to their family.
They are fun, highly motivated and have a great sense of humor and play. 
They can be easily trained, they are excellent natural guardians of the home and have strong herding instincts.
They are calm and confident, but may be reserved with strangers....
They are Awesome Dogs.
Miown Stone Ponies
Available: We will consider Pet/ Companion home on a spay/neuter agreement or Show/Breed home                 with approval.
Pending Deposit: A commitment has been received...waiting on deposit within 4 business days.
Sold:      A deposit has veen received.
Oh Hold: A deposit may have been received. The pup is on hold to a show/ breed home untill it's                8 week evaluation, but may be available after 8 weeks
Eye Color: Eye colors are estimated, but not guaranteed. We do not place pups according to eye                    color.
            BREEDING RIGHTS ARE GRANTED TO ESTABLISHED SHOW HOMES                     ONLY.  Call for more details if you are interested in a breeder.
AKC Miniature American Shepherds
Miown Marx's Bindi
What a beautiful little sweet girl she is...she is a daughter of Stetson. She is 14" tall and 25 lbs. Look at those awesome eyes and ears and beautiful copper. Bindi has been tested clear for PRA PRCD and HC...she has been shown in 2015 and won her class.
Deposits are a
measure of good 
faith, that you, 
the buyer, intend to
purchase and are
non refundable
Health Tested Parents 
For Healthier Puppies
These dogs are small size herding dogs, developed in the United States.  This is a highly versatile, energetic dog, an athlete with superior intelligence and a willingness to please those to whom they love.
Puppy contract below
Quillo is a smaller mini aussie that has been tested clear of all eye diseases...she is a pretty girl with lots of agility
Cassie is a special kind of dog... she wants to be right with you no matter where you go... she is very athletic and a medium sized mini...she is clear of all eye diseases.
Here is a young male that we'll be using soon...   More pics and info coming later.
 He's a black blue eyed tri clear on all eye diseases..            Meet Pistol
Quillo X Stetson
BORN Oct 12-2019
This is Boy #1 a cute little red merle male...he will be a Toy or a very small mini, he is so friendly and sweet. He will be dewormed regular and have appropriate shots. He is using a doggie door to go outside. For more info please contact me.
Priced to sell at $1,000
Bindi X Ranger
BORN Oct 2-2019
Boy #2, what a cutie pie...tiny friendly little red merle boy...
Boy # 3    a handsome red merle male, Sweet and friendly 2 bright blue eyes and a nice full collar, contact me for more info
Priced at $1,000
Boy #4 is a really cute tiny blue merle male...most likely will be a toy or a tiny mini...very friendly and loving.
Priced at #1,000
Boy #8 is a very handsome black tri, sweet and friendly and ready for a family of his own...
Priced at $800
Girl #1 is a sweet little black tri...what a friendly little girl...she would make a great addition to any family. 
Priced at $800
Girl # 2 is an adorable little black tri friendly and sweet. 
Girl # 3 is a cute small tri girl... sweet little loving personality.. .
Priced at $800
​I am downsizing and I have a few young adult dogs that I will be placing in pet homes, if you are interested please contact me to see what else is available.
This is Snickers... a small black tri male 
who has found his forever home...
look at this adorable little blue merle girl... lots of copper and whith would make an awesome addition to any family..
Priced to sell at $1,000
This cute little black tri female is sweet and friendly... she has the cutest freckles on her nose and great copper... 
Priced to sell at $800
 Moving to Massachusetts
Moved to 
Sinking Spring, PA